Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 29

So, Workout 6 from Phase 1 was not as rough as Workout 5, but because I was so sore from yesterday, it made it tougher! She really worked the abs today-I'm feeling it tonight!

I'm excited because some of the moves I would've had difficulty with in the past (or have had difficulty in the past in some of her other videos), are not as difficult for me to do now! I am starting to notice some tone in my legs and arms (still need to get rid of the fat around it....) :-)

Eating was good today-stayed within my calories and ate pretty well. Trying to eat more veggies throughout the day and still trying to keep up with my water intake. I'm interested to see what the Cardio workout for this month looks like-will find out tomorrow! AHH!!! :-)

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