Saturday, May 12, 2012

Days 38, 39, and 40

Yes, I've been horrible about posting and I haven't been that great at staying with the program either. My eating has been kind of emotionally-based lately, but I'm getting back on track. I didn't work out Thursday or Friday because my stomach was a wreck. I was nervous Thursday because we were supposed to find out if we got the house we put an offer on. We didn't get it. My stomach still was upset Friday, but it's better now and I worked out this morning. I'm going to continue Workouts 5 and 6 instead of moving on to Workouts 7 and 8 for one more week. I looked at workout 5 and Jillian has you in plank position for about 20 minutes. Ugh!

I promise I'll be better about writing in the blog starting tomorrow! I'm ready to be back on track and lost another pant size!! This house-hunting thing is throwing my schedule! We looked at a few houses last night-may be some promise....we shall see. ;-)

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